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# George Peppard he/they

Hi - I'm George! I'm passionate about computers and how they work, and I love making things to help the communities I am in (or just for fun)!

## Employment

I am a Software and Systems Engineer at Orbx. I design, implement and maintain software systems for both Volanta, a community and data collection platform for flight simulation, and OrbxDirect, a flight simulation web store, and for both these systems I am the infrastructure lead and provide third line technical support. I also implement and maintain (mainly backend) functionality for Volanta, which is an ASP.NET Core Web API.

## Education and Experience

I am a student in the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, where I am studying a four year Computer Science degree. I have completed modules on programming (both imperative and functional), Linux, databases, programming language and interpreter design, real-time and embedded systems and computer networks. In my second year, I was awarded the Netcraft Prize, which is awarded to the top ten students (by year average) in each year.

I am confident in C, C#, Java, JavaScript (and TypeScript) and PHP. I am very interested in functional programming in Haskell. I have worked with managed cloud systems and am experienced with VMware vSphere, Kubernetes, Docker, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Nginx, HAProxy, Terraform, CircleCI and GitHub Actions.

In previous roles, I have been responsible for large amounts of cloud-hosted and bare-metal infrastructure services, including ESXi (and vCenter) systems. I currently maintain such infrastructure for CSLib, which you can read more about below.

## Volunteering and Student Societies

I am a CSLib Manager in the School of Electronics and Computer Science. CSLib is a student-run service that provides free hosting and virtualisation to students in ECS. Our equipment is made up of some old ex-department equipment, with power, an internet connection, and space, generously provided to us by ECS and the University IT department.

I am the Marketing Director for Southampton Robotics Outreach, and previously volunteered at the annual Computing, Electronics and Robotics summer school. I am the Technical Officer for the University of Southampton Programming Language Society. I also sit on the ECS academic representation team, where I am a course representative for Computer Science students in the third year.

I am member of the Southampton University Formula Student Team where I write safety-critical software for embedded platforms, and work on integration of said platforms into an electric vehicle.

I have several projects available on GitHub, most of which I worked on when I still had free time. Most of my current work is either coursework, or proprietary closed-source projects in the course of my employment. If you are interested in knowing more about the kind of work I currently do, contact me.

## Contact Me

You can find me on GitHub and LinkedIn, or alternatively, you can email me.